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Nick Danby

Following a successful career in Engineering and as a Technical Sales Director for major blue chip company GEC, Nick became National Customer Care Manager for Royal Mail. In 1997 he moved into the training and professional development field with Dale Carnegie – a world renowned international consultancy and training provider – in order to share his practical skills and expertise with other businesses. He became a qualified Professional Instructor and quickly established himself as a leader in the field of personal development, with a particular focus on Senior Executives and Leadership and Management Development.

Nick’s approach to developing people at all levels is honest, supportive and direct, with a passion to work alongside clients to get them to where they need to be and to deliver tangible results. This has enabled Nick and face2face to forge successful partnerships with several major blue chip companies in the UK and Europe and also as far afield as the Middle East and Australasia.


Executive Training and Development; Management and Leadership; Presentation Skills; Customer Services Training; Communication Training.

David Taylor

Following a successful career in the public sector, in 1995 David moved into the training and development field with a major international consultancy organisation. He quickly became established as a leader in the field of personal and professional development with a focus on Management and Leadership Development. His approach is to build long-term professional relationships with clients and he has successfully worked with a range of major blue chip companies in the UK and Europe.

David specialises in leadership skills, presentation skills, team building, sales and sales management, people management and interpersonal skills training and development programmes. He also provides individual coaching and mentoring, and ‘train the trainer’ initiatives to achieve ongoing organisational growth and personal development.


Executive Coaching; Presentation Skills; Team Building; Sales Training.

Rob Coates

Rob started his career with a training company offering YTS placements for 16-18 year olds. After three years, looking for more of a challenge, he joined the RBS Car Division and worked with them for seven years as part of the HR Function, specifically having responsibility for the recruitment and selection of Managers, Executives and some 600 sales people. He left RBS in 2005 to concentrate on HR consultancy, supporting the needs of fast growing SMEs in the UK. To date he has worked with more than 100 clients across the UK, North America and the Middle East.

Rob’s approach is to focus on solving the problem, not just implementing systems. He enjoys close, long-lasting relationships with clients because face2face proactively uses its innovative HR solutions to solve real business problems.


HR; Qualified to BPS Level B in the use of psychometric tools and their interpretation; SHl Qualified – OPQ 32 and Assessment Tools; OPP Qualified – MBTI Tool.