“face2face – development through experience – exists because of a passion to develop people to their true potential and impact positively on organisational growth and profitability.”

Nick Danby


  • Are you looking to take your business to a higher level but are not sure how?

  • Would you like to enhance team working and build more trust amongst your managers and staff?

  • Do you know how to support and encourage your people’s development?

  • Do you really know what makes people tick and perform to their true potential?

  • Do your teams spend more time discussing and prevaricating than actually getting on with the business?

  • Is absenteeism a problem in your organisation?

  • Would you like a better work/life balance?

  • Do you want to increase your bottom line profits?

  • Are you keen to improve productivity and sales?


face2face can help you tackle all of these issues and significantly impact on the success and profitability of your business. We work with you to identify the obstacles to success and the motivating factors which will help your staff perform better. We will give them the tools and the confidence to take the next steps to move your business forward. We can change teams from ‘can’t do’ to ‘can do’ and improve morale. This in turn impacts positively on your organisation’s productivity, sales and profitability and helps your business grow to a higher level.

There is no ‘magic formula’ to achieving this growth. It takes dedication, application, determination and enthusiasm. Our approach is down to earth, direct and practical -drawing on the many years of experience our Coaches and Trainers have had in business. We work with our customers to develop bespoke programmes and initiatives which will deliver the outcomes they require for their business and their people.